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Klamath Falls ,OR 97601 

At Klamath Algae Products we offer dried whole certified organic Aphanizomenon flos-aquae AFA in bulk quantities of 25lbs or more.

Please visit our retail website:  www.e3live.com to learn more about our AFA products and order in smaller quantities.  When ordering from our retail site, we offer an unconditional guarantee that you will “Feel the Difference.”


Bulk algae dried and available with 3 drying methods  

1.  Hydro*Dri (Refractance Window Dried) – Our premium dried product
2.  Spray Dried
3.  Freeze Dried

Our Bulk AFA is available in:

  • Bulk Powder

  • Bottled Powder – Labeled

  • Bottled Powder – Unlabeled for private labeling

We also offer:

AFA Superfood Green blend formulas - Bulk green blend formulas and formulation consultation

AFA for Animals for optimal pet nutrition.  Our bulk AFA can be used for pets - dogs, cats, reptiles, birds – offering pets human grade quality AFA.  Many pet owners, show dog owners and other animal lovers are feeding AFA to their animals with amazing results.  

To order and for further information, please contact us:

Phone:  888-800-7070 or 541-273-2212

Email:  kapalgae@E3Live.com